Natural Patch: Activating Instant Brand Advocacy

You know the struggle: standing out in an online world brimming with brands, each clamoring for a moment in the spotlight. Imagine being Natural Patch, a unique CPG brand crafting sustainable patches filled with essential oils for various needs. They had the passion, they had the fans, but the challenge? Turning that deep customer admiration into tangible, valuable momentum for the business.

The big question: How do you get loyal customers to not only adore your products but shout about them to everyone they know on social media?

Enter eVouch. With a low-friction approach, eVouch targets customers at the peak of their excitement, offering a streamlined path for them to share their experiences via Instagram stories, thus activating genuine customer advocacy.

The Numbers:

Over a course of 6 months, 613 Instagram stories were shared by customers to their closest friends and family. These stories reached an aggregated 221,883 followers.

Michael Jankie - Natural Patch Founder

“eVouch has nailed it. There’s really nothing like it - we have tons of outreach from other apps suggesting to achieve similar results. None of them match the level of impact and customer participation that eVouch’s technology has created. Thanks to its uniquely designed low-friction widget which encourages organic and effortless sharing, it’s set a new benchmark as a true "word of mouth" app.”

Andrei Safonau - Natural Patch Marketing

“The team at eVouch is exceptional. Not only have they tailored features on the fly to fit our unique business model, but their ongoing support and insights have been invaluable in optimizing our performance. Since implementing eVouch, we've noticed a marked increase in brand mentions and customer-driven endorsements on social media. The ROI on the app speaks for itself. We're excited about our journey ahead and look forward to continuing to evolve and improve alongside eVouch.”

Frequently Asked Questions

Have questions? We have answers.

1. What is eVouch?

eVouch is a unique platform designed to activate customer advocacy by incentivizing users to share their positive experiences with brands through an Instagram story.

2.  How does eVouch work?

To get started, brands install eVouch from the Shopify app store. After installation, brands can create their unique story creative and set up the desired discount incentive. When a customer completes a purchase from your Shopify store, they're immediately presented with an intuitive option to share their recent purchase on their Instagram story using your uploaded creative. Once the customer posts on their story, eVouch verifies the post and, upon successful verification, automatically rewards the customer with the promised discount code.

3.  What do customers post on their Instagram story? Is it UGC?

Currently, customers do not take their own photos of the product. Instead, to minimize friction and ensure a consistent brand experience, they are provided with a design crafted by the brand itself. This approach streamlines the posting process for customers, making it both effortless and in line with the brand's vision.

4.   What social media platforms does eVouch support?

Currently, eVouch only supports posting to Instagram stories. However, we are continually working on expanding our platform compatibility based on customer needs and market trends.

5.   Do customers need to download an app to participate?

No, eVouch operates seamlessly without requiring customers to download a separate app.

6. Will this work if the customer has a private Instagram profile too?

Yes, eVouch is designed to work even if a customer has a private profile. They simply need to follow slightly different, but simple steps needed to verify their post.

7.  How do you verify if a story was not removed after they get their discount?

eVouch checks the stories continuously throughout the day to ensure that they are not removed prematurely. If a story is removed before the 24-hour mark, the corresponding discount or reward may be invalidated.

8.  Is there a requirement for the number of followers a customer has to have to be eligible for a discount?

Yes, the minimum requirement is 50 followers. However, brands can set specific criteria by reaching out to our support team for customization. We firmly believe that even customers with a smaller follower count can be effective brand ambassadors.

9. What happens if the customer posts on their feed and their story?

eVouch primarily focuses on stories, as they offer real-time, authentic snapshots of customer experiences. However, if a customer also posts on their feed, it's added value for the brand, but currently eVouch's rewards are structured around story posts.

10. How do people receive their discount codes?

Once a story is verified, eVouch sends the discount code directly to the customer, via the email linked to their order. These codes can be redeemed during their next purchase.

11. What types of rewards can I offer to my customers?

Currently, eVouch supports offering discounts on the next purchase as a reward. However, we are actively working on integrating more incentive options. If there's a specific type of reward you're interested in, please reach out to our support team, and we'd be happy to discuss potential implementations.

12. Is there a limit to the number of Instagram stories that can be shared?

Yes, there is a limit of one story per order. However, if a customer places multiple orders, they can post a story for each order and receive rewards for each one accordingly.

13. How soon will we see Instagram stories?

As soon as the eVouch widget is enabled on your website, your customers can start sharing stories and receiving their rewards.

14. How does pricing work?

Our pricing varies based on features, the volume of stories posted, and the level of customization required. Please contact our sales team for specific pricing details.

15. What about privacy and data protection?

eVouch is fully compliant with GDPR and other data protection regulations. We prioritize the privacy and security of both brands and their customers.

16. I have more questions; how can I contact eVouch?

For any additional questions or clarifications, please reach out to our support team at or visit our contact page on our website.